Thank You To Local Producers

At our 2017 OC Orientation Retreat, we were honored to serve interns, supervisors, and guests meals prepared from locally grown food donated by producers around the Llano Estacado region!  We served about 50 guests for six meals, and they were delighted with the tastes, as well as the knowledge of who produced their food!

Each year, we receive great feedback about how delicious the meals are at our Orientation Retreat, and it would not be possible without the generosity of local food producers (and Carolyn’s cooking skills in the Talon Point Center kitchen)! Our sincere gratitude goes out to the following producers (and we encourage you to get to know them, too):

Andle Van der Ploeg Texaco, NM.
Mid-Frisian Dairy and Freanna Yoghurt
Donated 18 quarts of Plain Yoghurt for breakfast meals

Andle Van der Ploeg

Jerry Keeter Tulia, TX.
Keeter Meats
Donated 5 lbs. of sausage for breakfast meals

Jerry Keeter

Darryl Birkenfeld Nazareth, TX.
Home-grower, Executive Director Ogallala Commons
Donated green beans, black-eyed peas, salsa and salad greens

Weldon and Ann Warren Lubbock, TX.
Holy Cow Beef
Donated 17 lbs. ground beef for enchilada lunch and lasagna dinner

Holy Cow Beef

Lubbock Food Pantry/West Texas Growers and Producers Lubbock, TX.
Donated 5 lbs. pinto beans for breakfast meals

Alan and Heather Birkenfeld Nazareth, TX.
Paidom Meats
Donated 30 lbs. ground beef for hamburger lunch

Blaze Diamond
Amarillo, TX.
OC Intern Alum
Donated hand-harvested prickly pear for dessert cobblers


Danny Melius Amarillo, TX.
Nuke City Veg.
Donated salad and mixed greens


Lucinda Mann Lubbock, TX.
Juicy Lucy’s Veggies
Donated 12 dozen eggs for breakfast meals

Justin Trammell Canyon, TX.
Tir Bluen Farms
Donated radishes, carrots, and salad greens



Oglala Sioux Tribe Pine Ridge, SD.
Rosebud Sioux Tribe Rosebud, SD.
REDCO Food Sovereignty
Oglala Sioux Tribe
Rosebud Sioux Tribe
Donated buffalo meat and dried wild turnips for buffalo stew

For more information about the producers, or how to order their products, click on the producer’s business name and follow the link to the website. Thank you, producers, for your donations! We enjoy supporting local producers and appreciate your partnerships with Ogallala Commons.


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