TCEDC Community

When I last wrote about the common wealth in my community, I wrote about my community of Taos. This time around I will be focusing on a slightly smaller community, the community of the Taos County Economic Development Corporation. The Taos County Economic Development Corporation first started in 1987 and is directed by founders Terrie Bad-Hand and Pati Martinson. Their mission has been to support the land, food, and cultures of the people of northern New Mexico, and they have done so by the many programs and services they provide. As I was thinking which commonwealth assets were present in the TCEDC community, history, arts and culture, health, education, foodshed, and a sense of place immediately came to mind.
TCEDC has been doing a lot for the Taos community since its founding in 1987; it has provided a place for people of the Taos community to come and pursue their dreams of starting a food business, learn about the local food system, farm, hold a community event, and so much more. TCEDC has worked with other organizations in the state and elsewhere to promote these commonwealth assets to help them create sustainable wealth. Working at TCEDC for almost a year showed me how much it has done for the community as a whole and how much it can and will do for not only the Taos community, but surrounding communities as well. I’m sure TCEDC will come to attain other commonwealth assets as they continue to grow, create new programs and projects, and collaborate with other organizations.

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