TCEDC and me

After graduation.
After graduation.

Hey there, my name is Tiana Suazo and I am from the Pueblos of Taos and Jemez in New Mexico. I am 22 years old and recently graduated from Fort Lewis College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration.  I plan on attending graduate school, and if everything goes right, I also intend on getting my doctorate in business administration. Before I continue my education, I plan on working and attaining experience related to my degree. My family and my community are very important to me and they continue to be the inspiration behind any choice I make involving my education and career. My goal is to help my community become more economically and financially stable, creating quality jobs and services to help the community as a whole.  I am interning at TCEDC, Taos Community Economic Development Center, right here in Taos New Mexico. TCEDC addresses challenges facing the Taos community, challenges grounded in food sovereignty, land, and water preservation.  Their goal is to help the community become a commercially focused economy while maintaining the culture, beliefs, and values of the people. During my internship, I will be helping out with the planning and implementation of a Food Stand Market, which will sell locally harvested food at affordable prices. I am excited to work with TCEDC on this project because not only will it benefit the community, but it will also provide me the opportunity to apply the skills I was taught in school and learn new things.

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