Taos Farmers market.

For my ten hours of community service I choice to help around the Taos farmer’s market ushi had told me they might need a hand around the market so I excepted, I bin to the farmer’s market be for but only to look around, It’s a nice sight to see around from the area of Taos, makes gatherings enjoyable with so much different verities of vegetables, fruits, plants, flowers, Etc, there’s always questions like what kind of fruit is that to where do those grow at I mean once you see what the people have set there mind’s to with their growing abilities it’s amazing, As for what I did there i talk to the framers market team they had me do sweeps of the areas of where the booths were at, Then help more or less the people out when they were packing up from tent’s witch you had to release clamps on all four side drop it down push it in, Other work we had was putting the plants & vegetables in the back of the truck’s that line up & come in thru a direct line had to Gide a few but everything went smooth, I felt that the people there are doing things a lot of people forgot made me rethink what I can do it was a team, what I can take from the experience is more openness with the people around you, take your time the first time with any type of work you are doing.



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