Taking Action!$

For my internship, I am working at my small town’s school campus. Even though there are only 196 total students enrolled, there is much to do to make sure our school campus is looking nice, and presentable. The work I do is also in preparation for the upcoming school year. I work mostly eight-hour days as do the other maintenance staff. With this job, there is almost something new to do each day. Some job duties include mowing the school campus, as well as weed eating the many places the lawn mower cannot get. For example, weed eating around the football field, the playground equipment, and along the fencing. Along with that, I have also helped move classroom furniture, and organize a large storage building. Among other things, I have cleaned walls with tape on them, which was difficult. However, I have adopted a new life hack by using WD-40 to remove the sticky adhesive, and it works wonders. These jobs can become challenging in the tremendous heat, and now I have the upmost respect for all of the people out there across America who have labor intensive outdoor jobs. A communication goal of mine in this internship has been to better strengthen my work relationship with coworkers, with my supervisor, and school administration. I feel that I am on the right path to do so because I am gaining a strong relationship with everyone. My leadership goal is to take action when necessary. For example, I have continued to work at some of the jobs listed without being told to do so. In order to expand my profession network, I want to make my presence and work noticeable, and I want to be a fast learner and good listener. This will help me by getting a good recommendation letter. So far, this has been a great opportunity for myself, and I look forward to the rest of the internship.

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