Summertime Happenings


Parmer Medical Center in Friona Texas

This summer I will have the pleasure of assisting with Parmer Medical Center’s major summer projects. I am most excited for the Senior Health Fair, and preparing an educational pamphlet for the attendees. The health fair will offer bone scans for Osteoporosis screening. Community health is a passion of mine, so this project is going to be very fun. I will also have the opportunity to work alongside Esdras, another Ogallala Commons intern, on the educational pamphlet. We will also be a part of the Chronic Disease Management Clinic, in which we will also create an educational presentation for patients with Diabetes Mellitus. These patients must meet two requirements: they must have an A1C of 9% or greater, and be underserved. We are going to be able to assist with a disaster drill as actors pretending to be patients. This is going to be a great opportunity to see the entire hospital work together in the event of a crisis where the hospital is overrun by patients without there being any actual disaster or danger. The last major project of the summer is a the Harvesting Festival, a presentation on our experiences at Parmer Medical Center, which will be presented to each of the department directors. My first week at PMC has been great. I’ve already seen patients from many different walks of life. I’ve seen adolescents and seniors experiencing different illnesses and diseases. Thankfully, we didn’t have any grave patients on my watch this week. I have already learned new things from many of them and have even taught some things to some of the other interns along the way. I am looking forward to working with the PMC staff and fellow student interns throughout the summer.


Emergency room at PMC

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