Summer With The BFR

I have been doing my Intership with the (BFR) Beginners Farmers Ranchers Program. I am training with the farmers market here on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The main farmers market is in Kyle S.D. I’ll be setting up a farmers market at the fairs or the powwow is what i call them. I will also be setting up in Pine Ridge twice a week. I also been helping in the garden in Kyle, i havent been to the gardens in Pine Ridge yet. I have also helped out with a youth summit in Martin South Dakota. It was a day filled with fun and activities for the youth. We try to encourage people to eat healthier. When we have are farmers markets we try to always give ideas on how to cook the fresh produces. Being a member of this Comunity i know how hard it is to get fress produce. Because there is only about 3 shopping centers on this reservation. I people where to go shopping they have to travel about 2 hours away. So i believe the farmers Market is doing great in our comunities. I’m really looking forward to intering with the BFR.

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