Summer of Experience

I had a wonderful learning experience throughout this internship. I was able to go to many different departments throughout the hospital including Medical Surgical, Intensive Care Unit, OR, Same Day, Labor and Delivery, Nursery, Post-Partum, Ortho. I went over to the clinic one day and shadowed a Nurse Practitioner. I even took a diabetes education class. I would have to say that the Nursery was my favorite department that I went to this summer. It’s awesome to get to be there from the moment that baby pops out to when you are preparing it for discharge so the parents can take their new bundle of joy home. Not to mention the babies are so stinkin’ cute.

I wouldn’t say this was a failure, but I did discover which department weren’t my favorite. This is just specific to my preferences, but I didn’t particularly enjoy the Medical Surgical floor and the Emergency Department as much as the others. These floors just were not as appealing to me as say, ICU or Women and Children’s. However, I still left those floors with a much deeper knowledge of how their jobs work and the skills required to work in those departments.  The staff at the hospital was very helpful to me and provided an awesome learning environment. They explained so much to me and answered the many questions I had for them.  They are great teachers!  The final outcome of this internship for me was leaving with more confidence in my nursing skills and better knowledge of what it takes to provide the best care for my patients. This was a great opportunity for me and allowed me to make connections with people who might be good to know for my future career. The Plainview hospital as a whole works as a very well-oiled machine. If I were to ever be in the hospital, these are the people I would want taking care of me.

My supervisor, Coralyn Dillard, was awesome to work with. She always had something for us to do or to learn. She communicated well and helped me to achieve my desired outcomes for this internship. I’ve talked to many people in my community about my experience this summer and about Ogallala Common’s internship program. A lot of them were very interested either for themselves or somebody they know.  This leads me to believe that this company will continue to grow and thrive!

It’s been a great internship and I am so thankful to have had this opportunity!

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