Summary Of My Summer

This summer has flown by and I can’t believe it is almost over now. I have done a myriad of projects from the Summer Feeding Program to helping set up for fair. The Summer Feeding Program was my first project to start off the summer. It started out great with up to 33 kids attending but then as the summer went on fewer kids showed up because of camps and vacations. I believe it was a great experience and trial run for this program.Another project I worked on was the Farmer’s Market. I had new sellers sign contracts and made sure everything went smoothly. The Farmer’s Market was a great success and everyone who came could find what they were looking for. Many of the sellers commented on ways to make it even better and helped me make the Farmer’s Market as successful as possible.

Throughout summer I volunteered at the County Library with their Summer Reading Program. That was a fun experience to help with the little kids and learn with them about police dogs, EMS, and more. The kids found out about everyday heroes and how they can help you if you are in trouble or danger. It was so much fun to watch the kids do all of the fun projects and listen to them tell me about what books they had been reading.

A new project that the Health Department had me help them with was the food distribution that they have every month. I never realized how much prep work went into getting all of the food ready to pass out to families that came. It took hours of boxing and bagging all of the food. Families started lining up thirty minutes before it was even time to pass out the food, then in less than 15 minutes all of the food was passed out and gone. I hope to continue helping out with the food distribution throughout the school year too.

To finish off summer I am helping out with fair. From putting everything up to tearing it all back down, I will be busy from sun up to sun down during fair week. It’s the busiest part of summer and I’m glad that I get to help work at the fair. When I’m not working though I will be volunteering to run different games and rides. Fair is always a success and fun for everyone. Everything costs a quarter and it’s a great way to be involved in the community.

This summer was a lot of fun and a great work experience. I had an amazing supervisor who helped me with whatever I needed. I hope to do this next summer!

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