Summary of Experience

Many of my friends have done this very internship that I have just completed, and they are the main reason why I applied. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to be an intern in one of the most unique internships in the country. Not only has it opened my eyes to local opportunities, but it has pushed me to see how the community works together, and it has urged me to think out of the box to improve my local community and what I have can do to resolve problems. This internship has allowed me to gain real world work experiences in the fields I am considering as career options. Through the work experiences I have much success and many challenges to overcome. In the end, I have developed more professional skills, communication skills, time management, and organization skills.

During my internship, I worked at Kress ISD helping with summer school. I really enjoyed helping the kids prepare for their S.T.A.R.R. test and hopefully giving them a boost of self-confidence. Later I helped at Head Start in Tulia. I worked with them composing a parent’s resource handbook, where I called businesses to verify information. I also edited their parent handbook for the upcoming school year. With the Summer Lunch program through Tulia ISD, I marked the children as they grabbed a tray, it was nice to visit with the youth while I was there. The two most rewarding experiences where working for Martin Services (tax and bookkeeping service) and volunteering for Meals on Wheels. While working at Martin Services I was able to put my education I gained at Texas A&M to the test reconciling ledgers for clients. Reconciling ledgers, you really start to understand that the smallest tasks are usually the most important and serve as building blocks for the upcoming step.  I learned how to do a tax return and how to use a type writer as well! Here I also learned the importance of knowing your client in order to understand their business and to complete their tax return properly. I was able to observe and recognize the importance of a friendly receptionist who has a good idea of what is going on in the business. Meals on wheels was very rewarding because many of the people we deliver to may not get to see anyone else that day. I absolutely loved being able to have conversation with them and putting a smile on their faces. I worked at the Texas AgriLife Extension Office helping with the local, annual picnic and the 4-H kids. The last thing I did during my internship was tour Swisher Electric Co-op and help them with billing. It was a great experience and I learned the many different departments that help bring electricity to rural America.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Through the Oglalla commons I was able to see and partake in the communications, connections, and content of swisher county. I met and worked under a wide variety of professionals and learned that no two are alike. Overall my experience with Ogllala Commons internship was a positive and eye opening experience that helped me grow professionally and personally.  I will use the skills I developed daily for a lifetime!


Swisher County Interns


Selfless Service was an important part of my internship

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