Summary of Experience

This Internship was a great experience but at, first it was an ordeal. I was originally trying to get an internship with Texas A&M AgriLife Swisher county. At the moment, the state of Texas is in a hiring freeze so I could not get the internship through AgriLife. So my advisors at West Texas A&M University told me to find local funding so I could spend the summer getting paid and learn valuable experience with extension education. When I went to the Swisher county extension office Calley told me about Ogallala Commons and I applied for the internship. With the Swisher County Ogallala Commons intern, they go to different areas in the community to work. The reason I needed to be with extension office was to get an extension certification so Calley and John and Jessi the supervisors adjusted my internship so I would mainly be at the extension office to get my extension certification. A great experience was the intern orientation, I met people that are great people to know and to learn from, that I probably would have never met in any other situation. People from all over mainly the Ogallala commons area, from all the way up in the Dakotas to San Antonio and several areas between.

I started my internship with Jr. Leader Lab and got to know Agriculture agents and FCS agents and got to ask what they do and how they enjoy their work. I also to learn what an Ag agents does and what they are required to do; they are required to do two research trials and news letters and news articles. How to interact with community members, producers, and parents. As well as to operate the program called TexasData which is the extension reporting and planning program. I was requested to work at the Tulia Chamber of Commerce to help with the KVII program and the Golf Tournament. I got to learn what all goes into planning these events. I also got to work at the golf course for a week. They found out I am mechanical minded and asked if I could work on their equipment, I agreed. I learned what it means “I don’t mind is the Devils workshop”. I helped the greens keeper fixing his gator so he can use the gator instead of the clubs carts. I got to learn new skills as well as use old skills I have developed.

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