Summary of Experience

In summary of my experience and outcome from Ogallala Commons and Internship with Conner Industries.  Ogallala Commons partnered with the Borger Economic Development to get interns into the local industry.  I went through an application and interview and was selected and then partnered with Conner Industries.  I then went a met with the Conner’s. (Ben, Annie and JT) whom were all wonderful and seemed to be willing and able for me to find my way in the industry.  They had me explain my course of study.  Knowing that they could not truly expose me to that.  They opened their own business and my mind into the construction side of the industry.  They were very open to the fact to get us as much exposure as they possibly could to the industry.  I was even encouraged and introduced to another key part of the ever growing and changing industry.  Which is safety.  It is my understanding that if I so chose this career path that I have a place I can start with Conner Industries.  Some of my experience with the crews were, learning how to check pressure on lines at one of the plants.  I observed the hydrovac crews doing an excavation.  I asked questions of the worker that was doing a confined space watch.  He was very knowledgeable.  I was able to watch and assist with the installation of a polymer pipeline that was installed.  I worked side by side with several of the different safety personnel that Conner Industries has.  They informed me of the proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) this is what every employee is required to always wear or have on when on a job site or even in the company shops and yard.  Some places require a little more stringent PPE.  But that is discussed in the JSA (Job safety analysis).  I also learned how to obtain a work permit and the different permits that you might need for specific jobs.  The safety person or the lead will go over the job, what is required and any unforeseen problems that could arise and how to mitigate any problems.  This is beneficial into my course of study.  Also, the LOTO (Lock out tag out) is a procedure that was gone over.  It too is very beneficial. There are so many things that I was able to do.  Like drive a Packer/roller to pack the equipment yard to help it from deteriorating.  Conner Industries has a lot of heavy equipment that parks in this yard.  So, it was neat to have that snippet of experience.  JT was very open and forth right with his involvement in his family’s company.  That is one of the things I believe I enjoyed the most was seeing how this family not only thrived as a business but even flourished more as a family.  Their boys are very active in the up and coming and ever-expanding business.  The Conner family is very much a place of spirituality and a sense of place.  Which are two of the twelve key assets that Ogallala Commons basis their community foundation.  I chose those two assets because of what I seen and experienced at Conner Industries.  They said grace before our first lunch together.  Then I was told of the time they went and built a school in Haiti after a hurricane.  After the safety meeting I attended Mr. Ben Conner (owner) closed the meeting with prayer.  I found out they also offer a bible study every Wednesday morning open to all that want to attend.  From the day that I started I felt very much apart of Conner Industries.  From the secretaries, the cleaning ladies, to the employees of every facet and all the supervisors and up.  I never felt once I could not speak to anyone person.  So again, they all give you a sense of place.  I am looking forward to having a makeup date to go into greater detail of my experience with Conner Industries.  They were able to broaden my horizons in so many ways.  I was able to have access to Pantex, Valero, Nutrien, and Phillips 66 just to name a few.  The exciting thing for me is that during this internship, I was offered another internship with Phillips 66 that I will start in September of this year.  So, my sincere appreciation to the Ogallala Commons, the Borger Economic Development and Conner Industries for choosing me to have this most memorable experience.

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