Summary of Experience

For my internship this year, I had three goals set for myself. those three goals were to grow stronger in the responsibility aspect of the internship, learn how to work independently, and become more educated in the medical field. I feel like I accomplished all of these goals this summer. During the internship, I had to learn how to be more responsible and make this internship a priority that way I could get the job done. I also learned how to work independently. I did many tasks for my supervisors by myself. For my last goal, becoming more educated in the medical field, I accomplished this by job shadowing at the hospital many times. I was able to see what different departments in the hospitals are all about.

Throughout this internship, I did many different projects. I did landscaping, yard work, office projects, house cleaning, and helped out at the hospital. I completed most of my tasks at the Casa La Entereza. The yard work that was done there consisted of pulling weeds, dead heading roses, and mowing the lawn. I also did some advanced house cleaning for my supervisors, which included dusting, polishing wood doors, wood base boards, and wood cabinets and drawers. in addition to polishing wood, I also cleaned out and organized their pantry, and their drawers in the kitchen and in the laundry room. Another task that I completed was starching and ironing pillow cases, blouses, and table mats. The office work included creating many excel spreadsheets containing certain information about previous and current interns of the Ogallala Commons program. Also, as a part of office work, I helped file many different papers. We filed paperwork in different folders so that way whenever my supervisor needs to be able to have access to any paperwork, he knows exactly where to find it. The last big project I completed during this internship was job shadowing at the hospital. I was able to observe many things in Radiology, nursing, same day surgery, and physical therapy. In same day surgery, I had the opportunity to watch a gallbladder be removed. In radiology, I was able to see many different x-rays, a heart scan, and a CT scan. In the nursing department, I followed my aunt around as she monitored each of her patients for the day and gave them the correct dose of medication needed at the time of need.

I feel like this internship helped me accomplish the three goals that I set for myself, and by completing this internship, it will benefit me in the future as I apply for college and actual jobs. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to do this internship because it allowed me to adventure and learn so many new things that I did not know about before.


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