Summary and outcomes

I, Amelia Mort, did my five week internship at my towns hospital. I shadowed many many people during this time. I did work that ranges from office work to on the scene work as well. I figured out that I am definitely not meant for an office and that I am a more on the scene kind of person. I like to be in the action and taking steps to helping people face to face. Although this course wasn’t a hands on one, I still got to interact with patients and talk to them. I learned about each one of them and their personalities. The ER is where my heart is however. The action is unforgettable. The experience is unforgettable. Details can’t be shared due to confidentiality, but my favorite day was the day a man that only speak Spanish came in. While we were waiting for the translator, I used what very little Spanish skills I have and communicated with him and helped him out a little.

A real struggle that I went through this summer was definitely getting close to in patients and developing bonds and passing away happening. Which is a part of life, I would never be mad that they were free of pain now, but it’s hard to let go. When I explained what I was doing to my friends or family I always got the comment “you’re really going to give up half of your summer?!” And my response was always smiling and saying of coarse. They didn’t understand why I was doing this internship, and that is okay! My mother was a huge part of the hospital in Springfield. All the nurses and doctors tell me she would be so proud of me. So one reason I am choosing to become a surgical nurse, is to follow her foot steps. Another reason is to help people. I know this is what I am meant to do, there is huge sacrifices and benefits with this career, but just being someone who has a passion for helping others, that’s something to be proud of. This internship made me realize that, and it’s helped me figure out what I really want to do. With that being said, the last two weeks of my internship, I took CNA classes and I am going through clinicals right now. After these are done, I will go take my boards test, and I will officially be a certified nurse assistant!

Not many people get offered this opportunity, and those who do, don’t take advantage of it. When I was signing up and actually going through with this, I had absolutely no clue what the heck I was doing. And I went on and on to my friends about this awesome opportunity I got. Next year I really hope they choose to do it. I got great experiences, made unforgettable memories, I have so much to share. I don’t do a lot of things out of my comfort zone, I don’t have a lot to be proud of, but this, is my one proud thing. This summer was so unforgettable. And I am so thankful.

CNA classes with my best friends 🙂
Thanks so much for a great experience!

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