It’s hard to believe that my internship with Ogalalla Commons is almost over. The summer has absolutely flown by, and it seems there is no way to slow time down. In my time at Primitive Social, I have accomplished many things. I have really enjoyed working with the PS product team, and having such a great team for support starting out into my career has been wonderful. I have worked on several smaller projects, mainly completing edits and entering content for clients’ sites. I have also worked extensively on building the website for the Tatum Tough Foundation, which was a unique experience. This was the first site I built completely on my own, and there were definitely some challenges involved. However, it’s amazing to see something built from scratch come together and work fluidly. I feel as though all of the projects I worked on have been successful, and have taught me extensively what it’s like to be in development. My biggest challenges were simply teaching myself to jump into projects, even if I knew I was going to need help or to reteach myself certain concepts that simply had not stuck. I am glad these challenges presented themselves because they gave me another opportunity to learn and improve my development skills.

At the beginning of our internships, we were asked to determine three goals for our time with Ogalalla Commons. In communication, my goal was to allow myself to become more willing to ask for help when needed. For networking, I challenged myself to build relationships with four other team members during my time. Finally, in leadership, my goal was to take leadership roles in projects that needed a sense of direction. Looking back at my goals, I feel as though I have accomplished each with an even greater degree than I originally hoped. I have allowed myself to become more willing to ask for help, and to use the support available rather than try to solve every issue on my own. Networking with team members was interesting, as working remote means most interactions are virtual. This was a challenge of its own, but the excellent communication skills of the PS employees made this goal much easier to achieve and set a phenomenal example for future remote opportunities. My leadership goal was accomplished through the Tatum Tough project. I took the reigns and built the site almost entirely by myself, and I’m very pleased with the way it turned out.

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