Summary of my experience

This summer I interned at nine businesses that each taught me something different and valuable for my future. A couple of organizations that really opened my eyes in seeing how much they give back to our community were the Summer Lunch Program and Meals on Wheels. At the Summer Lunch Program, I marked each child that received a plate, and I got to see how this program made sure each child in the community received food that day. I also helped the volunteers at Meals on Wheels deliver food to senior and handicapped citizens who are not able to prepare a meal everyday. Other experiences that majorly impacted me were at the Swisher Memorial Hospital and the Tulia Health and Rehabilitation Center. Since I am planning to go into the medical field, I received the privilege of shadowing nurses, MITs, Radiologists, Speech Pathologists, and Physical and Occupational Therapists. I really enjoyed to endure hands on experiences too. For example, I was given the opportunity to check patients’ vitals and bandage wounds. Going to these businesses were my favorite and the most beneficial part of my internship because I got to see what my job would be like when I become a registered nurse in the future. This internship also helped me connect more with the people in my community. I met many new people who have inspired me to keep pushing through even though I might fail at first and to keep striving towards my goals. One of my successes that I gained this summer was how much I learned and experienced. I learned organization, time management, responsibility, social skills, and a lot about my future career. I experienced many different kinds of jobs throughout the summer, such as; filing, computer skills, and working with children and senior citizens. The challenge that I faced during this internship was time management. I had to figure out how many hours I would need to work at each business in order to reach my goal of 200 hours. I needed to plan out exactly how long I would work each day so I could complete my internship. I am so thankful that I received an opportunity like the Ogallala Commons Internship this summer. I learned so many things that I will be able to take with me through life, and the relationships that I built with the people in my community will last a life time.

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