Starting to Figure it out.

My name is Max Enger and I am currently doing my internship in the beautiful mountain town that is Woodland Park, located in Colorado. I am a recent High School graduate about to head to Missoula, MT to attend the University of Montana to Study Geography and Climatology. Though I grew up in Virginia and Germany, I feel a strong connection to where I reside now. The community here is so focused on keeping the town and surrounding wilderness clean and safe. With such a strong connection between the outdoors I now understand why.

This summer I am working as a member of the Farmers Market team for our community. Myself and another Intern are there to help any vendor, market manager, or customer to our market. One of my main jobs this summer will be to develop a way for our market to recycle more efficiently. In the past we have struggled with people not understanding what can and can not be recycled; this is where I come in. Within the next two months I hope to help our market become one of the most environmentally friendly markets in the region.

Our community market is one of the best in Colorado, attracting nearly five thousand people at the peak of summer.
This internship shall provide me with useful skills, for example, how to be an intern. I will also learn some information on growing foods in a region of high altitude. In the future I hope to spread awareness on the benefits of local growing and sustainability.



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