spearman- hometown glory

Spearman, Texas. The place I was raised in for the first 18 years of my life. I consider this to be my hometown and it will always be my home for the rest of my life. Now I live in Canyon, Texas and this will be my third year living here. I have such a strong love for the town, but I decided to write about Spearman since I find it a more appropriate discussion about the key assets of the commonwealth. Education has always been important to me and it continues to take a huge part of my life. Since Spearman is a small town, the resources for a higher education is limited. One thing you can depend on is being able to complete your GED and that is exactly what my mother did when she was about 40 years of age. I am so proud of her, and this even encouraged her to get some basics at a community college. This local resource helps encourage those who are in need to complete that step in achieving a higher education. The next key asset to look into Spearman is health resources. My mother actually worked for Hansford Hospital District for many years. The Hansford Medical Centers are welcoming to the community when it comes to finding a resource for anything that is needed for physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Their hospitality is inspirational and peaceful.

City of Spearman

Leisure and recreation assets involve the O’Loughlin Center, the City Swimming Pool, the new massage business, and plenty of delicious restaurants to enjoy some leisure time. Spearman also has a lot of different kinds of denominations to welcome the community towards the spiritual asset of the community. Not only can the community web relationships through spiritual gatherings, but also the many different businesses within the community that help people in need for anything they desire or need. The history asset is literally located behind my house and it has always been a proud factor for me while I was growing up. There is a museum that you can visit in Spearman to know more information about the town.

Sense of Place

Although this museum is small, there is a beautiful asset near the outskirt of Spearman. There is landscape that has a large windmill describing some more history that belongs to the small town of Spearman. This asset gives people a Sense of Place and gives residents a peaceful experience. It is simple, but very beautiful to see when the sun sets. Arts and Culture is an important factor for Spearman. Although there is not much diversity, there are appreciation days towards other’s cultures. Spearman holds an annual heritage day for the foundation of Spearman, and it also holds a Cinco de Mayo parade for all those who like to enjoy some Spanish fun! During these times of the year, this allows residents to enjoy carnival theme games, songs, and dances. Now the rest of the assets, which are water cycle, wildlife and the natural world, soil and mineral cycle, foodshed, and renewable energy, are all resources that are not an issue or burden for the town of Spearman. All these assets provide the residents an abundant life and a sense of security. I could continue speaking about my hometown’s assets, but I challenge those to go visit the town to see for themself. It may be a small town, but those living there have big hearts. Thank you for your time to read my hometown glory, and only hope those who visit feel the same as I do.  

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