So Much Here

By: Esperanza Chavez Villa

Growing up, I always wanted to leave Tulia(my small town) as soon as I graduated, but I think I may have just changed my mind. Doing this internship has shown me that there is something here—a reason to stay or return. Tulia is small and slightly outdated, but in some ways, that may just be a gift and not a burden.
Working at the First National Bank Quitaque and Martin Tax service these past three weeks has just proved how remarkable the people in Tulia, Texas, are.

I have been overwhelmed by the kindness and opportunities I have been shown since starting this internship. Being an intern usually means busy work, but being in a small town means more opportunities for learning firsthand and in the “old-fashion-way.”
My internship revolves around finance– which can be a broad term. Banking and taxes are very different sides of finance, and I now have the privilege of experiencing both sides. Not only am I learning something new every day, but I am also learning how to do it all without the internet and, most times, without a computer. I have been working for years, and this is the first time I am experiencing work without the internet. I know this sounds silly, but humanity has become dependent on new technology. I never realized how long I would stare at a computer until I did not need to anymore being here.
Overall, my first impression of this internship has been remarkable. I received so much knowledge that will continue with me in the future. I have met some great and kind people that want to help their community and me. I have found new hope and love for the small town I once despised.

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