So Far, So good

My favorite experiences this year was getting to work with the new workers. They are all great to work with and make my job fun. Especially when we have to spend a whole morning weeding, they always come up with a funny or interesting topic to talk about. A popular one is Quentin Tarantino movies. They seem to turn not so fun things into very fun things which I appreciate. Also, I’ve had the opportunity to explore more of my surrounding are. At least 3 more communities have been added on to my list of “explored”. I have found buffalo berries, Lead plant, and timpsila (wild turnip) which I didn’t last year.

A project I wanted to do, but didn’t have time for, was mapping out where wild foods grow around my area. Unfortunately, I did not have the time because of all the traveling I did. But a project I am working on is asking elders about specific plants, picking their brains about the plants and their purposes. Such as uses, names, and stories that go along with them. I have also made two tipestola out of rebar so our plants can grow up the poles.

(Left is Lead Plant, right are Buffalo Berries)

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