Shotgun Shoot: Sophia Hall

For my community service this summer, I chose to work the Panhandle Cancer Cure Foundation shotgun shoot at the Amarillo Gun Club with my brother’s Boy Scout Troop and my Venture Crew. This is a fundraiser put on every year to help raise money for cancer research. 

This topic is important to me because I know people that have encountered cancer. The field of research is a way that anyone can help find cures because all it takes is a donation, no master’s degree, no experience, no special requirements.

Something challenging to me (besides my brother) was the fact that the shooter is always right, even if they missed the shot. I had multiple people tell me that they made the shot, but they didn’t. They probably just wanted more points for their team, but I couldn’t argue with them, so I had to give them a point. 

Another challenge was that I was the only girl working it, so I got lots of weird looks from old men that were wondering if I was qualified to score, and one old man dared to ask. For those of you wondering, I was raised in the country and have been shooting guns my whole life, and it’s something I enjoy doing.

Also, the scoring for this shoot was particularly easy: all you have to do is make a slash in the box if they hit the clay or make a circle in the box if they miss (but don’t forget to yell “miss” or they get a point). Despite the ease of scoring this shoot, I still got weird looks and yelled at by crotchety old men. This shoot did benefit the community, and it made thousands of dollars that will all go toward cancer research. 

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