Serving the community.

I have been really enjoying my internship! There has been many community service projects that I have been involved in in my community. My favorite one has been the Ezra Jones Cafeteria in which we serve kids lunch over the summer at the elementary school cafeteria. This program really helps underprivileged children get a good meal during the summer. On my first week there we had an auditor come and inspect the cafeteria. It was kind of nerve racking having someone watch your every move to make sure you were doing it right, but in the end we passed the inspection so I was relieved You have to keep count of every student that comes and eats a meal so that way the government can reimburse you for the amount. He taught me a lot of how the government helps organizations like ours serve their community. Without this program numerous kids would go hungry over the summer since they don’t have the school cafeteria to feed them.


Next week I’ll be working at a program we have in town called “Meals on Wheels”. This program goes around and delivers meals to the elderly and shut ins around town. I can’t wait to be able to help these people.

My most time consuming project over the past few weeks has been preparing for the Swisher County Picnic, and Ranch Rodeo.  I helped cut up beef shoulder clods to serve there and help put up cattle at the ranch rodeo later that night. I have always been involved with these events, but I never knew how much planning it actually took to make it work. While my internship is almost over I have learned a lot over these past two months, and I cannot wait to see what else Swisher County has in store for me the last few weeks.

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