Serving the community with meals on wheels by bailey

Greetings folks,

For my ten hours of community service I participated in serving Meals on Wheels. While participating in Meals on Wheels, I delivered the meals to two different sections in Tulia both being a little different than the other. Meals on Wheels are a program that delivers a hot meal once a day Monday through Friday to those that do not always receive a hot meal every day. A majority of the people who receive Meals on Wheels are elderlies who have a hard time taking care of themselves. I chose to participate in Meals on Wheels for my community service because I have a passion for helping people who are unable to do things for themselves. Below is a picture displaying a set up from the Meals on Wheels.

Delivering Meals on Wheels

The most satisfying part of delivering Meals on Wheels was seeing the huge smile upon the faces of the houses I delivered meals to. Knowing that I had a small impact on someone’s day, means a great deal to me.  I not only gained knowledge of Meals on Wheels, I also gained an appreciation for those who have been dedicated to Meals on Wheels for years. I personally would love to continue my experience with Meals on Wheels, and would love to be one of those who have volunteered for several years. Out of all the community service activities I have participated in both in high school and college, this has been my favorite experience.

The most challenging part of delivering Meals on Wheels was keeping track of who receives diabetic meals and delivering them to the proper house. There were several houses that received diabetic meals and being a first timer, made it difficult to keep up. Luckily I was able to have the driver help keep me in check every day.

Through the easy and difficult times, I had an excellent time delivering Meals on Wheels to those in Tulia. I not only made an impact on those I delivered the meals to, they made an impact on me. By far my favorite hours I have spent on my internship where the ten hours with Meals on Wheels. Below is a picture taken on my last day, when I was delivering my last meal.


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