Serving My Community

For my 10 community service hours I spent almost all of it working with young kids. That itself was a big challenge of me. 8.25 hours were spent being a helper at a basketball camp in Springfield. Spencer Stewart, Springfield Junior High School’s basketball coach, asked other high school basketball players and I to come help with it. The camp was a five day camp 4 hours a day split up between 4th-6th grade and 7th-9th grade students. We went through drills and showed them step by step how to do it. With the older kids it was a little more difficult than how it was for the younger kids. The kids learned fundamentals, how to run an offense and a defense and learned how to play team ball. By the time they left they gained so much more than just how to play basketball. It was a fun experience for the campers and the helpers. The reason I chose to do this for my community service is because I love basketball and I like helping people get better at what they love too.

The rest of my community service I was a counselor at a VBS in Springfield at the First Baptist Church. We played games with the kids, sang songs and did break out sessions. It was really fun for everyone and it was a great time to grow closer to the Lord. I chose to help out with this because I did it the year before and it was great and I had an amazing time there and I plan to do it next year too.

I think I learned how to work with little kids and how to be a good leader. Especially to little kids being a role model is very important and I always keep that in mind so I think I did a good job at that. IMG_0881 IMG_0882 IMG_0884

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