Serving Baca County The Right Way

Hey Everybody! I hope that all of you have had a fabulous month of July! Oh My! It’s ending quick! Other than the fact that summer is flying by WAY too fast and fair is soon approaching, I’m here to talk to you about my Community Service projects through Ogallala Commons. Now that most of you know me pretty well, you all know that 4-H and showing sheep is a huge part of my life!


Just like anybody else, I have those days where I just really do not want to go out and work with my lambs because I’m just not feeling it that day, but my community service project was to help other 4-Hers and their animals. At the beginning of June, my 4-H Club hosted a sheep and goat showmanship clinic. As I am always open to helping educate kids more on animals and how to show, I decided to help! The day after our showmanship clinic, I was asked to help at the Baca County showmanship clinic. At both of these clinics I got to do what I love. I got to bring in my show lambs and educate kids on better ways to show their lambs and better ways to present themselves in the show ring. I was able to inform kids on how their animals should be fed and what kind of exercise their animals should be getting every day. As I have been showing sheep for going on eight years now, I have learned a lot of tips and tricks that can do amazing things to a show animal that will just make everything so much better and I love learning more about showing all of the time. I have always believed that a person is never done learning. As Bram Stoker said it “We learn from failure, not from success!”


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