Service with in my community

I have always enjoyed doing volunteer work with in my community. When in high school I was all was do some kind of volunteer work whether I was working with my Boy Scout troop or my JROTC group I was always helping give back to my community, but I had not really volunteered by myself I was always with a group. So when I heard I need ten volunteer hours I didn’t really know how I was going to go about it. I was no longer in any group that volunteered for any length of time. Yet, with some time and a few calls around my town I was able to find a few projects to involve myself with.
My first couple of my volunteer hours where used working with F.I.S.H, which is my towns local food bank, I first helped with sorting and bagging beans which I only helped with for one day and for only an hour. The rest of my time helping with F.I.S.H I was helping gather the food and bring them out to the people that needed it. Working with F.I.S.H I was able to complete seven of my service hours.
The last little bit of the hour left were used helping my family’s church and homeschool group baby sit. I heard of this event from my mom who asked for my help to keep an eye on the kids at first I thought it would be an easy task because I worked well with kids. Later I found out that there would be about 47 kids that were going to be there. When showing up I had no idea what I’d be doing with the kids. I was a little relieved to find out that I was to help setup and to help in the kitchen and other projects because there was already help assigned to help with the shed2food shed

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