Sense of Place

As a person who has grown up in a rural community I can truly say that it has given me a sense of place and is a major part in who I am today. One thing about small towns is that they don’t have the same  kind of amenities as a big city or small city does. For example, big cities or even smaller cities have more than one place to get groceries. Some towns around my community don’t even have a grocery store. Even though Tulia is considered a food desert, there is a grocery store available. There is only one grocery store and it is shared with surrounding small towns. Another source of food is through gardening, many people in Tulia have a garden, there’s even a community garden that’s available to people.

Tulia has five forms of education. There is a High School, a Jr. High, an elementary school, a headstart, and a daycare although many children might not be attending these places due to the pandemic they are still available resources of education in town. A cool thing about living in a small town is that most of the people who go to daycare and headstart together end up graduating high school together.

During the third week of July, Tulia has a town celebration dedicated to bringing the community together and reminding people of the roots of Tulia. The town celebration is located on the town square where there’s live music and booths set up with food, games,  and clothes. The town celebration lasts from Monday to Saturday and on Saturday there is the town parade. The parade consists of many clubs and organizations and has almost every business in town apart of it and every athletic team in it from Jr. high to high school. Not only is the parade a great way to end the towns celebration but it also gives the community a reminder of all that is within it.

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