Sense of Home

One of the most commonly known things about Phillips County, Colorado is that we are an extremely tight-knit community. That being said, everyone within our community enjoys spending time with one another and will help each other when the time arises. This really allows all members of our community to feel comfortable and at ease in the places that they call home. 

Every year, Phillips County holds various festivals and events that bring us all together. In June, we have the Dandelion Daze in Holyoke. In July, we come together with Haxtun’s Old Fashioned Saturday Night and the Phillips County Fair. Finally, Haxtun also hosts the Corn Festival at the end of September. These events allow for local businesses to get their brand out to the public and all community members to catch up with one another throughout the year. 

While we obviously enjoy our time that is spent at festivals, not every moment in our community is a bright and happy one. However, this gives us the opportunity to show our support for one another. One of the most recent times when our community came together was following the fire that our community suffered from. During the fire, everyone within the community was collecting clothes for families who lost their homes and were helping the fire fighters. Once everything from the fire was under control and taken care of, the community wasted no time planning a function where the community could come together to raise funds. The theme of the benefit was “Haxtun Strong,” promoting how strong our community truly is. The families who were heavily affected by these fires were extremely appreciative to see all of the support they had within their home communities.

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