Seguin Commonwealth

Although Seguin, Texas may be a small town, it has a lot to offer. Sure, we may not have hundreds of places to see or go to like other surrounding big cities, but we’ve got our key assets, which is our commonwealth. There are several good examples of our commonwealth here in Seguin, including examples of history, wildlife, health, sense of place, education, spirituality, food shed, leisure and recreation, and arts and culture, each of which I will identify.

One of my favorite and oldest places to visit in Seguin is the Seguin Heritage Museum because for one, it is located in the town square, where all of the buildings are being traditionally restored, and two, it offers a lot of preserved artifacts for the eye to see and the mind to learn about. You will find pictures of places you once knew to be something different than it is now, pictures of your high school English teacher back when she was in the cheerleading team in high school, and even outdated equipment once used to work on ranches in Seguin. The Seguin Heritage Museum is surely an example of the perks of living in a small town.

Wildlife and Leisure/Recreation:
Another thing that makes Seguin unique is the presence of the Guadalupe River. Although the Guadalupe River is not available for swimming or tubing, it does offer some unique wildlife to our area, such as Guadalupe Bass. You are able to fish in the Guadalupe River, or if you aren’t into fishing, you can relax and listen to the current at Starke Park. Starke Park offers a lot of space for you to do some of your favorite things, such as barbecue with the family, play in the playground, play golf, tennis, basketball, and even sand volleyball. You can also take your dog to the dog park. You’ll find a lot of options for recreational fun at Starke Park.

This subject is one of my favorite ones! I’m going to stay away from the obvious and not point out that we have a hospital and several medical offices that offer health services, and I am going to give light to two places that I’ve gotten to know and love, that also offer great health services. These two places are the Guadalupe Regional Wellness Center, which is the gym connected to the hospital, and Club 78155, another gym located on College Street. The slogan for the Wellness Center, “More than a gym,” is right on point with the services that are offered. Not only is this place a gym, but they also offer different services to take care of your health and wellness, such as massaging, swimming, and even have cardiac specialists that monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, stroke volume, cardiac output, etc. This gym knows how to take care of their members! Club 78155 also offers services beyond the weight room, which include nutrition and supplemental coaching, along with having a smoothie bar.

Sense of place:
As mentioned earlier, downtown Seguin offers the square, which is a place where lots of events occur throughout the year. You’ll find a farmer’s market on Saturday mornings, seasonal parades, seasonal festivals and celebrations, and even wedding ceremonies. Seguin wouldn’t be itself if it weren’t for the downtown square.

Education and Spirituality:
There are several schools around Seguin that offer opportunities for education. Schools also vary from Montessori, private, religious based, and public. From pre-k to high school, your kid is sure to have an education available to them. Along with a variety of schools, there are also a variety of churches and religions available to take part in Seguin for a sense of spirituality.

Food shed:
After having this internship, I learned about some resources available to people in Seguin that I was not aware of before. These two things are the Food bank, which gives food away every week on Tuesdays at 1, and the community garden, which has no opening or closing times!

Arts and Culture:
One of the neat places that I was reminded of that holds rich art and culture is the Teatro de Artes building, which offers different activities for kids to learn and embrace common traditional practices from Mexico and Central America. Kids also learn to become more comfortable and confident in their skin as they do performances.


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