Second Blog

Over the course of the summer, I will be working with two other interns, Alexander Suarez and Enrique Gutierrez, in developing this coming year’s curriculum for the Vanguard Youth Leadership Academy. My main focus will be on adapting last year’s program to better suit the Arkansas Valley. There are five key performance areas for making it happen on my part including reviewing, editing, and scheduling the program, organizing expansion, and all interns share the personal development area.

So far, Alex, Enrique, and I have been setting ourselves up for our respective areas of focus. We have compiled a database of the previous year’s attendees, potential sponsors and mentors, and have made contacts that would benefit the academy. Along with the aforementioned, we have also presented to various businesses in our local area, asking for the funding of the Academy.

On July 21st, we are planning to host a dinner for our potential sponsors/mentors, and also present our harvesting ceremony for Ogallala Commons. This has been our focus for the week, as we have set up the date, contacted the County Commissioner’s Office, and many others to put it all together.

Reflecting over these past few experiences, I realize that I have learned many valuable skills that I most likely would not have gained from working at my past job. My future career path is better complemented by this internship, and I am sincerely glad that I took this great educational opportunity.

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