Second Blog

I began my internship at the Wild Ivy. The owner is currently moving to a new location. My responsibilities during that week consisted of cleaning, packing, and moving inventory. For the transition, the owner of the Wild Ivy had a flash sale. Along with my regular duties, I assisted consumers in the shop. This has helped me develop my communication skills better.

For the second week, I assisted at the Tulia Child Development Center. On the first day, I assisted the lead teacher with school age children, between the ages of six to ten. For the remainder of the week, I assisted the lead teacher in the toddler room. These children are between the ages of two to four years old. My responsibilities consisted of assisting the lead teacher by caring for and directing the children. I also helped cleaned up the kitchen after meal time. My experience with children has helped build my leadership skills.

At this time, I still feel I am a bit reserved when communicating with people. Going further into my internship, my goal is to be more confident within myself when communicating with others. In the work environment, I tend to be more of a follower. I follow instructions well but I tend to be nervous in taking on tasks without direction, out of fear that I will do them incorrectly.

My goal going forward is to actively take on tasks individually and better strengthen my leadership skills. During my internship I have worked and learned more about the Chamber of Commerce. Their goal is to help grow the community by bringing in new businesses and helping the citizens find employment. After I successfully complete my internship, I would like to volunteer my time at the Chamber of Commerce and continue serving my community. My goal is to connect with a variety of professionals within the community and establish a good report.

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