Second Blog

Michael ‘Scott’ Lass


Todd Agricultural Consulting:

This last month has been one of the busiest months of my life but it has been worth it so far. I have learned so from the internship it is amazing. One of the goals that I have established for myself Is to get to know the other interns. Also, to get to know my boss as well. That way I can have a good work relationship with them, and when we do ride together to check fields we can work as efficient as possible. Another goal that I have set is to learn how to be a better crop scout. We have all have been doing a great job working together and I get along with them really well. The learning curve has been tremendous in the last couple of week because crops have been growing. We have to write new detailed descriptions of the crops now as they change throughout the growing season. You have to look constantly for new bugs, weeds, and etc.  Another goal that has been on my mind is to learn the other ins and outs of this job not including the field scouting part but the chemical part as well. I think it would be interesting to learn how to apply chemicals to certain crops and when to apply it as well. To go about that is to ask my boss questions and the farmers that we work for. That is probably the most informative route to go.



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