Remote Work.. kind of!

“your direction is more important than your speed”

My workspace in BriefSpace

I am in my 6th week of working a remote internship with Agrilead, Inc in Russell, Kansas. While balancing my MBA courses, working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, I am only able to dedicate about 10 – 12 hours per week to this internship. I have learned a plethora of new information regarding Microsoft 365, Outlook e-mail, and some tips and tricks of how to work remotely. I really enjoy the functionality of Notebook and that Jeff and I are both able to contribute towards the same document.

In reference to my title, I live in Hays and Russell is only 25 miles away. I have met my internship supervisor, Jeff, in person and spent time at their company. I have a remote training session this afternoon with Jeff and we will be using Microsoft Teams to voice chat and share our computer screens for training purposes. My internship right now consists of about 70% researching functions and opportunities through Microsoft 365, 20% recording notes and reflections on that said research, and about 10% of that is communicating my learning to Jeff via written notes and phone conversations both. We have dove head-first into all the possibilities of Microsoft 365 and how their platforms can increase the productivity at Agrilead.

I am anxious to pivot my research into a greater amount of training to Jeff and Agrilead, as well as development of tools and capabilities. A big goal of my professional interest is to improve my training skills through implementation with Jeff. As we continue through research, I am looking forward to making an impact on Jeff and Agrilead with additional training seminars for them.

Receiving my Graduate Teaching Assistant scholarship for the school year
Preparing to head a recruiting event for my student organization,
Society of Human Resource Management

My biggest professional goal right now is to connect virtually with Human Resource professionals in the Munich, Germany area as my student organization, SHRM, is taking an international trip there in February. I am also hoping to be offered an internship in specifically Human Resources to take place during the next semester of school. In addition to that, I would greatly appreciate receiving any Human Resources contacts in the Hays area.

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