Remote work and Me

By: Micah Gilbertson

Hey there! My name is Micah Gilbertson, and I am writing to you from Saint Francis, KS. When I first moved out here 4 years ago, I had the idea that I was only going to stick around for a couple of years. After that, I was going to move back to the city. But as so often happens, my plans changed. I have since fallen in love with the area, and plan to stick around for a while. The land is beautiful, and the community I have since become a part of is one of the greatest I have ever encountered. This brings me to remote work. I have always been a tech-minded person and have long since wanted to pursue a career in the field. I always assumed I would have to live in the city to actually pursue my goal. But as luck would have it, I discovered another option. The discovery of Rural & Remote made me realize that I could pursue my dream and continue to live in the community I had fallen in love with. There have been many challenges along the way, and I anticipate many more. But the fact that I can live in a quiet community and pursue my passion remotely has been incredibly rewarding.

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