projects to the future by bailey

The main project that I will be working on while involved in the Ogallala Commons Internship is the Swisher County Picnic. Although the community has a big impact on the Swisher County Picnic, it would not be functional without those involved with the AgriLife Extension Office and the Swisher County Activities Association. My job as an intern for the AgriLife Extension Office involves all the small details that help make the Swisher County Picnic possible. These include sending invoices and keeping track of all the donors associated with the Swisher County Picnic, making tickets for the BBQ lunch, as well as updating the information on the Swisher County Picnic Facebook page. As the time gets closer to Picnic, I will be involved in helping decorate the 4-H float, helping the Junior Ranch Rodeo, setting up and helping out with the BBQ lunch, and cleaning up from the Rodeo and Dance.Below is a picture from a couple years ago taken of the 4-H float. This is an example of one of the projects related to Picnic I will be assisting with.


There are a few minor projects that I will be working this summer. One of the minor projects that I just worked this week was the D2 H2O Camp. During my time at the H2O Camp, I helped instruct the Canoeing Class. Another minor project that I will be doing this summer is the Summer Lunch Program through the Tulia School System. I will be recording the amount of students participating in this event as well as promoting it to the community. Two times I will provide an educational health related activity to the children. Lastly, I will be assisting the librarian with the Summer Reading Program at the Swisher County Library. My time here will involve learning the operations of the library as well as inform the students the importance of reading while doing activities.Below is a picture taken from H2O Camp this past week. While assisting with Caneoing, both I and the other intern got to take the Caneo’s out on the lake.

H2O Camp

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