Projects and Passions

For my internship with the Woodland Park Farmers Market I am diving in to multiple projects. I am excited to put my different passions towards projects to help both the market and the community.


My main project that I am going to put the bulk of my energy towards is integrating Cooking Matters Colorado into the market. Cooking Matters is an organization with the mission of increasing access to healthy affordable food to low-income communities. One way they help accomplish this is to connect with local farmers markets, give tours of the market while educating on nutritional benefits of the food, and demonstrating cooking workshops. With our newly approved grant to double SNAP dollars, this would be the perfect addition to our market. I have already gotten in contact with the organization and hope to move forward with the project in July.


I am also going to be putting my skills of design and marketing towards the newsletter, promotional pictures, and social media marketing. With my past position as yearbook editor in chief, I have great experience with designing templates, taking eye-catching photos, and writing captivating stories. I can put all these skills into play with the monthly newsletter. I have already put my skill with graphic software to use by creating a new, informative recycling poster for the recycling program we have. I am also able to put my creative skills to use with social media marketing by posting memorable images that will interest our customers and capture the essence of the market.


My final large task is to help with the general organization and management of the market. Every Friday morning I get up early and help set up the market by positioning parking cones, setting up tents, and preparing the market booth. Throughout the market, it is my job to deliver tax forms to all vendors and help them with wherever they may need. When there is free time throughout the market, I will strike up a conversation with the vendors or organize the cluttered shed. I am also working hard to create a guide for future interns by creating instructions for how the market is run and duties that interns are responsible for. On Fridays, that 4:00 a.m. alarm clock is early, but it’s all worth it to see our market thrive.


I am so excited for this summer internship and to see how my various projects develop and turn out.

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