Progress is Progress

By: Arlette Hinestroza

At this point in my internship, I have switched my focus from education to social work, helped bring together a group of passionate individuals, and helped develop a plan to assess the needs of the community. Using the social determinants of health, the community leaders of the “Community Council” come from integral parts of the community: The school, hospital, the library, the church, and other helpful members of the community who have offered their assistance. Everyone is invested in our collective mission to improve the lives of everyone in the community, that is why we have decided on organizing a health fair where everyone is welcome to receive free checkups regardless of socio-economic status, age, or otherwise. Everyone is welcome. Once there, they can fill out a needs assessment form to help us narrow down the focus need of the community. This has been the major focus in my internship thus far. Thanks to this council, I will be better able to fulfill the goals I have in communication, leadership, and expanding my professional network. I will be better at communicating with a larger group of people because everyone I met is so easygoing, and approachable thanks to the common wish to help the members of this community. My leadership goal is to inspire others to help themselves and the community they serve. That has yet to occur; however, I have already accomplished my goal of expanding my professional network thanks to the council. I look forward to learning more as the internship progresses.

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