Ogallala Common’s Youth Engagement Day provide an opportunity for students in grades 7 – 12 to explore and connect to their “E-Dream” and the potential of entrepreneurship, the impact of businesses in the local community, and the passion of successful hometown leaders.

The event is a morning- to lunch program held at a regional site (large gathering area, school auditorium or regional college) where youth from several schools hear the message that their communities and region want them to come back home, when they choose and when they are ready. Other activities address careers and opportunities that create viable pathways to “come home.”

Finally, all those attending an Engagement Day are encouraged to participate in a Youth Entrepreneur Fair.

If you are interested in having a Youth Engagement Day in your community or if you would like for your school to participate in an established Youth Engagement Day event, contact Darryl Birkenfeld at 806-945-2255.