Plainview Texas Commonwealth!

Plainview is a historic Texas town. It was first established in 1888. I have had a great experience getting to know more about the people and history of Plainview. While mapping the commonwealth of Plainview, I have been able to identify many commonwealth assets. I have enjoyed seeing how each of them connects to each other.

The first major commonwealth assets that I have found are the soil and mineral cycle, water cycle, and food shed. It is fairly easy to see how these three assets can be connected. One of the main reasons people came to Plainview when it was first settled was because of the fertile soils, ranch land, and water supply. By utilizing these resources, the community was able to support themselves. Agriculture is a meaningful part of Plainview’s history and present reality. Although there are not many large operations that provide food for the community itself, there are two to three farmers markets that allow people in the community to enjoy home grown vegetables. There are also community gardens in town where people have access to grow their own vegetables. Agriculture is an important part of Plainview’s economy. These assets have enriched this community in great ways, and agriculture have created a sense of place here in Plainview.

The name Plainview came from one of the founder’s view of the landscape, a treeless plain. For the younger generation, many say that there is nothing to do here in Plainview. I know that Plainview is not a big popular town like Lubbock, but I have found that this is what makes Plainview’s identity stronger. It is not your typical small town, but it is not your typical larger city either. Besides the geography and agriculture, history and the people who make up the community also contribute to its sense of place. One example that I can give is a small coffee shop near the square. It is called Broadway Brew and was once called the “Quick Lunch Diner.” The reason for this is because a movie was filmed in Plainview in 1992 called “Leaf of Faith” starring Steve Martin. Broadway Brew was used as the main diner in the movie. When you enter the diner there are places on the wall with pictures of Broadway Brew when the movie was being filmed. A nearby water tower is still painted to read “Rustwater Bengals”. I really think that this piece of Plainview’s history has created a greater sense of place for the town where people can come relax, observe the history, and enjoy delicious coffee. When I have visited this place I am always greeted by the warm Plainview welcome. The people of Plainview are very friendly. The community of Plainview brings out a feeling of belonging and of home.

Wayland Baptist University and other K-12 schools in the city have created a very strong key asset of education. In Plainview, education is a big deal. One thing that I have found that has am excited about is that college is very encouraged for the younger generation. For students that graduate with at least one year from Plainview High School, they are able to have one paid year of tuition at Wayland Baptist University if they qualify for admission. I believe that this has greatly increased the education for my generation. I believe that one shouldn’t ever stop educating or advancing one’s self. Wayland Baptist University is a religious school which has also strengthen the key asset of spirituality. As I walked around Plainview I have also noticed there are many churches. Plainview has a strong religious background. The key asset “Health” can also be seen through Plainview’s healthcare facilities. If anyone is sick or in need, there is care available to them.

I think that this has opened my eyes to what Plainview and other communities have to offer. I think that this will allow me to identify and protect those 12 key assets in the community that I live in. This experience will help me to inform others about these key assets and why they are important for the growth and sustainability of our communities.

BeFunky Collage

Wayland Baptist University, Plainview Churches, and Broadway Brew

Plainview Agriculture

Plainview Agriculture

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