Phonics and Math Facts: The Beginning of an Internship

I am very lucky to have been asked to work at the school during the summer. It’s been giving me valuable experience within an education environment. Currently, I am in charge of running interventions during the reading portion of our curriculum and math facts fluency during the math portion of our curriculum. During interventions, I work with students one on one or in a small group on basic phonic skills. In doing this, I am helping create a foundation that will help them become better readers in the future. The math facts fluency is designed to help students become more automatic with simple addition and subtraction equations. This helps to build a stronger foundation for learning algebra and geometry later on. We have a very small group, but it’s fun seeing the kids every day and knowing that I am helping them succeed in the future.

Students working on the math fluency fact sheets.

My main goal for communication was to learn how to communicate effectively with the teachers. The teachers have cycled through once a week, so I am the only constant for the kids. I have had to be very clear on what our schedule was and how different parts were executed. My goal for leadership was to model responsibility to my students. For my professional networking goal, I wanted to begin working with my former teachers as work peers.

The setup for the math curriculum: a Flipchart where students worked on number sense by finding equations to equal a given number.

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