Paint, Storage, and Film Reels

Currently in my internship, I am organizing the storage room of my school. It has been piling up since it became the storage room eight years ago. All of the school’s old curriculum has been stored inside. Freedom Waalkes and I were tasked at the end of out first week to organize and shelve all the books in order to make room for other things that need put in storage. Along the way, we discovered a box of film reels used for classes. We hope to finish within the next couple weeks and move on to other projects. I have also performed small maintenance tasks, such as painting two walls of the science lab and cleaning classrooms.

Film reels found among old books in the storage room.

Through the first few weeks of my internship, I have been able to work on my goals. My goals are as follows: effectively communicate with my coworkers and bosses about my work, become more familiar with the employees of a school in a professional setting, and set up mock interviews for my 4-h club as a community service project. I am excited to continue my work in the internship as the summer continues.

Painting the science room to clean up the school’s appearance. Photo by Freedom Waalkes.

Author: Katie Babb

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