Overall experience

     Learning about food shed and working to distribute food has been the main focus of my internship. I worked a lot in warehouses putting food on trailers and trucks, as well as driving food back and forth from rapid city and neighboring communities. I went to many different gardens and buildings to get ideas and check out potential buildings for food storage and processing. Ultimately we worked to provide struggling community members with food, and find a warehouse capable of storing food for emergencies. Going to all these gardens and delivering food boxes to people has given me the opportunity to connect with a lot of people. I think knowing people in the community is very important, and I value the time I spent working with others sorting boxes, and talking to people. I heard many different stories and got to know the people that I was helping. I definitely consider this a highlight for my internship as I’ve learned a lot about the community because I know the people that make it. Some challenges we faced often had to do with lack of equipment, and lack of organization. For the first delivery made we weren’t sure that the truck used to haul was going to be available, and the building where we shipped food from also could’ve ran smoother. However the goals which mainly influenced me were the three goals I made for myself. For my leadership goal I set out to help provide someone with the source of food or help create a full garden. My networking goal was a stretch goal and focused on creating an exchange program for native interns. My communication goal was to remember the people I’ve helped get food to and give them a reason to remember me. So far I’ve completed my communications goal, as I remember everyone and their address after about three successful food deliveries. My leadership goal should’ve been put into motion sooner, however I’ve helped many people get access to food by informing as many as I can about how to sign up with our program. My networking goal is undoubtedly going to take more time, but I have looked into foreign exchange programs at the local college and talked to many of the youth who are interested in traveling to different places. Overall I am thankful for this internship, it has shown me how full of potential my community is and I hope to be apart of the positive change that is soon to come.

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