Operation Bringing Life Back


As you guys know from reading my first blog you know I live in the small town of Rocky Ford, Colorado. What I want to do is bring the life back to my community–showing how beautiful my community real is. So by trying to do this what I am going to do is create a project called, “Bringing Life Back”. This will be my huge community project, and what I will do with this is a huge art festival! For children it will be $2 and for adults $3. Any kind of art can be donated into this, will be shown and can even be bought, and then money will be donated into Operation Christmas Child or other organization in the community that are in need of it. There will be meaningfulness of each art piece that is brought into the art show. Photography will show the history; the paintings, pastels, oils, and drawings will show the beauty and talent that is in our community. Of course food will be there, because what is a festival without food? (Of course it will be healthy food to promote health awareness). There will also be children’s activities held. My major keys for this are that we have an amazing community, that when put together we can make a difference, all this money donated will be given to the association Operation Christmas Child. Also something more excited is so far in the little time I have been in this internship I have met so many people and have had so many more opportunities. As a very important one that I have the chance to shadow a orthopedic surgeon! Who wouldn’t get pumped about that?! If I have gained these many experiences just in the few weeks of this internship I can’t wait to see what the next months of this amazing internship bring me!

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