Wrapping This Summer Up.

And just like that, my second Ogallala Commons internship has come to an end! These past two hundred hours have been filled with triumphs and challenges alike. Being a second year intern, I felt more confident in my role, and excited to dive into the things that I am passionate about! 

Presenting my Harvesting Ceremony!


In my second blog, I discussed the goals I had set for myself at the beginning of the summer. These goals fell into three different categories: communication, leadership and expanding my professional network. It took a lot of effort to complete these three goals on top of the internship requirements, but these goals all had a part in benefitting my own professional development. 


My favorite goal was expanding my professional development, because it was the most fun! I attended five local professional networking events! Four of which were local board meetings, and one was our Rural Philanthropy Days kickoff! I enjoyed getting to network with professionals in my community as well as those in surrounding communities. 


My second goal was in the leadership category. I sat down personally with three of my close friends and had a conversation with them about what exactly leadership is. After this conversation, I educated them on some leadership traits and techniques I had learned at the Ogallala Commons orientation retreat. 

A part of my Ceremony!

My third and final goal was communication. My original goal was to design at least five logos for local businesses. Unfortunately, I was only able to halfway accomplish this goal, as I was only able to design two logos. While I was disappointed, sometimes goals are meant to be extended and I plan to extend this goal into my next internship!


As I was a marketing intern, a majority of my internship was devoted to graphic design for advertising. I was very blessed to have access to Adobe Editing Software (Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc) as well as a MacBook to work on! I utilized these tools in order to create flyers, logos and much more! 


The main projects I worked on were local events put on by our Chamber of Commerce. I created flyers, Facebook posts, sponsorship thank you, and complimentary tickets for Old Fashioned Saturday Night. I also designed the logo, flyers and Facebook posts for Corn Festival. 


In conclusion, this past summer has been full of success and many great opportunities. I am extremely grateful for this experience for the past two summers and Ogallala Commons has benefited me in countless ways. 


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