What is Ogallala Commons?


From a small project started in 2000, Ogallala Commons has grown into a vibrant 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. Our mis­sion is like that of the High Plains-Ogallala Aquifer (see map)–to be a generator of life, helping to sustain the commonwealth of hu­man and natural communities in the vast Great Plains region. While the Plains region is divided into 10 states, we are united by our common responsibility to pre­serve water, natural resources, and viable communities for future generations.

Ogallala Commons’ mission is shaped by a 9-member Board of Directors, stewarded with the ex­pertise of an Advisory Council and implemented by a small staff — leaders who believe in the vision of Ogallala Commons and build it into an operational community network.


Ogallala Commons has a 4-part mission:

1) Weaving a collaborative network of diverse partners

2) Building an education outreach with conferences and workshops

3)  Fostering a sense of place to instill meaning and inspire stewardship

4) Rebuilding commonwealth com­munities to sustain people and the land.

As we approach the year ahead, we we also want to share with you what you can expect from us on a weekly basis:

  • Ogallala Commons Blog:  our blog each week will educate more about OC.  We will share about our mission and purpose, the people who make OC possible, and the region that makes up the Ogallala Aquifer.
  • Ogallala Commons Facebook and Twitter:  each week we will share relevant information, news about events, updates about past and current interns, and links to blog posts.  Be sure to follow us so you don’t miss a thing!
  • Ogallala Commons Newsletter:  once a month, we will send out a newsletter that provides you with the most recent news and happenings from the past month.  If you would like to receive this newsletter, simply email us at ogallalacommons@gmail.com.


You can learn more about who we are and what we do on our About page!

To access the room block by phone use “Ogallala Commons Room Block” at:  (806) 803-5514

To reserve online use this link to book your group rate for Ogallala Commons

If you need help with your reservation call (806) 803-5500 for assistance.