What I Do: Blog 2

What I Do

Blog 2


In the Lighthouse bookstore, I carry heavy boxes and books. I mail products to customers. I restock books, pens, markers, art supplies, tapes, and highlighters. I check customers out. I recommend products, books, and gifts to customers, I clean, and I run errands. I also replace, straighten, and restock gift cards. One of my goals is to get better at talking to people, and give them a good experience. The other is to do my work as well as I can, help others, and do it professionally. I want to train anyone else who gets hired, once that happens, as I am the only employing as of this time. I want to make connections with people with similar interests as me, such as biking, video games, and art. People who can help me later in life, who can help me in a pinch, and people who know what skills would benefit me later in life. I want to give the store a reputable image, to draw in more customers, and to be helpful. I recommend bibles to people, and explain things they may not understand. I recommend different book series and authors whose books I’ve read. It is very fun and rewarding to help people find something they don’t even know they are looking for in the first place. I also get to learn about the financial part of owning a retail store, and the way we interact with publishers and suppliers. I love working there.


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