Summary of Experience and Outcomes

The highlights of my internship would have to be meeting all the new people and learning a lot of new thing. I learned so much over this internship and even became a cna. I did my internship at my local hospital. I achieved my goals because one of them was to talk to 5 different people and have a conversation with them. I did make that goal and sometimes I even talked to more than five people a day it all depended on with how many people I worked with.

During this internship I worked one week at the clinic, one week at the hospital, one week at the ltc and two weeks taking cna classes. My week at the clinic I was with alot of different people. I got to be with the nurses, the nurse practitioner, a coder and even the ladiesup at front. The coder showed me what some of the codes are and she showed me the big book where all the codes are. Each nurse did everything differently and I liked that because they all had their own style. Even though they had their own style they each cared for each patient with lots of care. My week at the hospital was very fun. I meant many new people and learned lots of new things. They let me follow around different nurses and even some of the CNAs. They also showed me all of the charting they do and they do a lot of charting they spend most of their days charting what they do for all their patients. Whenever I was at the hospital there was a lot of patience so it was very busy and they even let me go into the ER. Being in the ER was a lot of fun and there was many new things like that you wouldn’t know about the ER. There’s a lot of people that go into the ER and everyone in their can’t function with each other so if someone doesn’t do their job then another person can’t do their own job. Next I was at the ltcc and I liked it there because I knew I was going to do the CNA classes so it really helped being there. I was with the nurses and what the CNAs since I was going to do the CNA classes they let me follow the CNAs. I learned many new things that a nurse does and also what a CNA does. Lastly I did the CNA classes and those were a lot a fun I meant many people from closed communities from where I’m from and learned a lot about them. I also had to do a week of clinicals and those are fun because I actually got to do patient care and actually got to work as being a CNA. And lastly I was very happy with myself and happy with everything I got to learn in this internship. I was very happy that I got this opportunity and I took advantage of it and took it and got to learn many new things. I chose to do my internship at the hospital because that’s where I want to go in the future I want to go into the medical field. I want to become an ER nurse or I want to be a travel nurse. Another option I have in mind is being a doctor and traveling around the world to wear kids that don’t have the same opportunities as us can and I can provide some type of health care for them. This is a very great opportunity for many people to have and I hope people can take advantage of this.


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