Our Four-Part Methodology

OC Methodology

As we’ve shared in our Mission, we exist in order to provide a holistic approach to the socio-economic development of the Great Plains region.  It is our greatest desire to see this region be vibrant and flourishing, capitalizing on the resources found in each communities’ commonwealth.

To achieve this, we employ a four-part methodology that we think to be essential for restoring health and wealth at the grassroots level.  This methodology includes:

1.  Weaving a collaborative Network of Diverse Partners focused on the Great Plains region.
This network, woven between renewal organizations, as well as among individual innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders, promotes wider participation and ownership in local communities.

2.  Offering an Educational Outreach & Leadership.
Creating a framework for ideas and knowledge templates, in the form of conferences and seminars that ask key questions, offer practical knowledge and resources, and address structural revitalization needs in the High Plains area.

3.  Fostering a Sense of Place.
By promoting and celebrating community arts, regional cultures, and local histories, to instill meaning and inspire stewardship

4.  Empowering resilient communities to sustain people and the land.
The ongoing results of reinvesting in the 12 aspects of commonwealth.

As you take the time to look at each of the programs that make up our organization, you’ll find an aspect of this methodology in all we do.  It shapes everything.  For more information on our methodology, see “A Region Reforming”.

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