Have it So Good

Written by our Board Member, Jeff Ochampaugh

I am so thankful I grew up on a farm
With doors unlocked and no fear of harm.
To know the satisfaction of rural country living
Where people work hard, and neighbors are giving.

I am so glad I know what it is like
To grow a crop and to save a calf’s life.
To get an early start on a fresh summer day,
To know how to bale and how to stack hay.

I am so pleased as a child I grew up
Learning to drive in an old farm truck.
To know what it’s like when milking time comes
And to have to do chores while others had fun.

I am so lucky that I know what it’s like
To toss and turn and lose sleep at night.
All for the wait till the day is finally here,
That special day to load up and go to the fair.

I am so happy that I learned how to work
On a tractor, and a combine, as well as a book.
To learn to run a business and to know what it means
When times get tough, and the storm clouds are green.

I am so glad I grew up in a place where it counts
Which way you’re going and how far to town.
To know more about directions than just left and right,
And to help those in need, even late at night.

I wouldn’t change a thing about the way I was raised,
Or the place where I grew, and my family stayed.
The only thing I would change if I could,
Is to have all children, have it so good.

Written By Jeff Ochampaugh in honor of his parents James and Ann Ochampaugh and presented upon their 50-year wedding anniversary.

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