Community Service

  1. For my ten hours of community service I helped bake cookies for state FCCLA fundraising. I did this project with Mrs.Self and ahe helped me get all my 10 hours. I choose this project because Mrs.Self has always been a great teacher and continues to be a great one. Mrs.Self is know for making hee famous sugar cookies and decorating those so we baked them and we baked nonstop. She let us set up the cookies in a building and have like a mini cookie “store”. It waa so much fun and alot of people came in and even people from the surrounding community came in. This experience impacted me because I got to meet new people frome the community I live in. It also helped me work on my social skills. I hot tp help our girls raise money gor state FCCLA and it was do much fun! These cookies always bring the community together and everyone loves them!

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